Patients can turn to an obstetrician both to supervise a normal pregnancy that has already begun, and when planning it. In this case, there may be no symptoms at all, or these will be normal signs of pregnancy (hyperpigmentation and enlargement of the nipples, swelling of the mammary glands, etc.).

However, pregnancy can cause the development of pathologies directly associated with it, as well as exacerbations of chronic diseases that were previously noted in the patient. In such cases, she is recommended to regularly monitor the obstetrician in order to timely diagnose the causes of these conditions and take the necessary measures to eliminate them. The frequency of visits is determined by the doctor based on the patient's health condition.

If necessary, he can send a pregnant woman for a consultation with a specialist in the competence of which is the alleged disease.

With a normal pregnancy, an obstetrician is consulted in the following situations: delay of menstruation; an increase in breast volume, its tension and soreness; an increase in the diameter of the nipples and an increase in their pigmentation; an increase in basal temperature up to 37 degrees (on average); an increase in the volume of the abdomen; increased sensitivity to odors and tastes; perversion of taste preferences; tearfulness, increased feelings of self-pity, etc.

A delay in menstruation with the onset of pregnancy develops due to the fact that first the corpus luteum, and then partially and the placenta (fetal place), begin to secrete a hormone called progesterone.

An excess of this hormone promotes the growth of the endometrium (the inner layer of the uterus), thus promoting strong attachment of the placenta and at the same time preventing the development of miscarriage.

Through a complex mechanism, progesterone blocks estrogen, preventing the development of the next phase of the uterine cycle, which, in fact, is manifested by menstrual flow.

The reason for these changes is also a high concentration of progesterone, which accelerates the growth of the ductal epithelium of the mammary glands and the acini themselves (the smallest independent structural and functional unit of the mammary gland), against the background of a normal level of estrogen.

In addition, progesterone blocks prolactin, a pituitary hormone responsible for the onset of lactation. That is why milk from the mammary glands is normally released only after childbirth or at the very end of pregnancy.

Increased concentrations of progesterone, as well as some biologically active substances synthesized by the placenta, lead to an increase in the areola (areola), and also stimulate the secretion of melanotropin, a pituitary hormone responsible for the degree of pigmentation of the skin.

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Under the influence of this ivermectin, melanocytes (pigment cells) intensively produce a black pigment - melanin.
The increase in basal temperature is also associated with the predominance of ivermectin over estrogen. In all likelihood, this hormone carries out this effect by influencing the thermoregulatory center located in the hypothalamus. An increase in body temperature of only half a degree significantly increasesthere are chances for the fertilization of the egg, its implantation into the endometrium and the subsequent unhindered development of the embryo.
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An increase in the abdomen during pregnancy becomes noticeable, starting on average from the third month of pregnancy. In women of the asthenic type of constitution and poorly developed subcutaneous fat, these changes may appear at an earlier date.


In women of the hypersthenic type, these changes can occur at later stages of pregnancy. Particularly obese women may not notice pregnancy at all, even in its last months. The reason for the increase in the abdomen in this case is the increasing volume of the uterus, pushing the abdominal organs upward.

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The mechanism of this sign of pregnancy is also probably not known. At first, he was associated with a deficiency in the body of certain substances, which he seeks to obtain by increasing the craving for foods that hypothetically contain it.

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So, some pregnant women abundantly consume even objects that are not suitable for food, such as chalk, earth, etc. However, this theory is not scientifically substantiated and does not bear any objective justification.

Most likely, the matter is in the complex interactions between the changed hormonal background and the joint functioning of various parts of the brain.



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With the development of acute complications (deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities, thrombophlebitis, acute heart failure, acute respiratory failure, etc.), it is necessary to call an ambulance and immediately go for treatment to the nearest hospital.